September 3, 2011
  • More than 2,000 people showed up to the country's biggest party
  • In Mexico, students return to school amid the violence of the drug war
  • Colleges are making a concerted effort to go tobacco-free

News & Features

Houston's oldest park to be revamped
Houston gets $1 million to renovate Emancipation Park.
Class of 2015 is younger than the Internet
Can you recall life before the Internet?
Heavy metal hits the music scene in Afghanistan
Afghan youth are using heavy metal music as a means to address corruption.
Tell us how 9/11 defined our generation
10 years after 9/11, let's reflect on how that day defined our generation.
U.S., other countries impose sanctions on Syria
International community tells Syrian leader to step down.


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The New York Yankees are the world champions of baseball once again, after defeating the Philadelphia Phillies in a six game series Wednesday.

Science & Technology

An interesting fact about this class of college students is that many of them are younger than the Internet. They're super-Millenials, because the Internet became public around 1992, and many of this year's college freshmen were born in 1993.