About Youth Radio

Youth Radio

Youth Radio is an informative, weekly radio show produced by teens and young adults. It is one of the few shows that can claim it is 100% youth-driven. Our audience is in the 12-25 age range.

Topics vary from week-to-week, but are generally focused on current events, pop culture, and a variety of other topics that are relevant to this generation.

Our website, www.YouthRadio.us, picks up where Youth Radio leaves off. There you can find an archive of past shows and stories, as well as youth-produced pieces that didn't make it to air.

Founded in 2006 by Luke Jones, who co-hosts the show alongside Maleeha Kamal,Youth Radio has grown to 1,000-plus listeners weekly. It currently airs in the Houston area, and is produced by We Are New Voices, a non-profit organization that was created to cultivate students' writing skills and equip them with the tools they need to communicate.