Heavy metal hits the music scene in Afghanistan

Located in Southwest Asia, Afghanistan is a country that's practically isolated by rough terrain, with an ultra-conservative society. But the latest trend there is heavy metal music.

It all started when four Afghan youth formed a band called D.U. They play heavy metal music with a political message. That message is about government corruption.

There's so much of it in Afghanistan. For years the country was ruled by the Taliban, a group of terrorists and religious extremists. Much of the repressiveness of the era remains today.

D.U. recently played Marilyn Manson's cover of The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams." Here, many of the political references can be heard, such as "some of them want to abuse you/some of them want to be abused."

The "them" stands for Afghanistan's powerful, who abuse the poor and powerless.

To say the more conservative Afghans hate heavy metal would be an understatement. The band members don't reveal their identities because of numerous threats they've received from some of their more conservative countrymen. Many in Afghanistan say the music is un-Afghan, dubbing it "trashy Western music."

The band members disagree, saying they incorporate many elements of traditional Afghan music into their songs.

At the forefront of heavy metal haters is the Taliban. In fact, for a time, the U.S. military forces used to blast heavy metal as a way to get Taliban fighters to put down their weapons and cover their ears.


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